"I am much more relaxed, and able to tackle life in a more considered and confident manner. I would whole heartedly recommend Mickel Therapy to anybody who has any type of Chronic Illness."

Mickel Therapy Testimonials

"In February 2012 I met a friend for coffee in town. Sounds very normal, but for her and I this was a massive milestone. I hadn't seen her for 6 years. She had previously attended the same church as myself. I couldn't say we were friends particularly back then but I knew who she was, and then she got M.E., and disappeared. Two years later I was diagnosed with the same condition and she kindly wrote to me and we kept in touch through email after that. But we'd never met up due to the severity of her condition and me no longer driving because of mine. Then she told me she was trying Mickel therapy. Two months after starting it she asked if I'd meet her in town for coffee. This was quite massive. I was so pleased at how she seemed when we met up and that she wasn't having any major repercussions due to the extra things she was now doing. I decided I had to try Mickel therapy for myself. I had been making slow progress but had seemed to come to a stand still again and was even concerned that my condition was deteriorating at this point. March 2012 I began talking on the phone to Clare Caldwell, my Mickel therapist. I remember after our first session on the phone I went straight out for a walk in the park behind the flat where I was then living. I felt so positive and had an overwhelming feeling that was the beginning of something, my new life. Putting Mickel therapy in to practice wasn't easy at first and I remember crying one afternoon because it seemed so hard and all I wanted to do was go to bed. But I persevered through it and I am so glad that I did. I guess nothing worth while is easy. Pretty quickly myself and those around me could notice the difference. The first thing I noticed was that I no longer experienced achey limbs. I went from relying on lifts and taxi's to get anywhere to walking into town again and gradually started driving again. I can now walk anywhere I like and am driving up to an hour away, and back again.

Before starting Mickel therapy I had already decided to move to live closer to my family. I had thought this would be a massive undertaking and that my parents would have to do most of it. When they arrived to help me pack up and move in May I had done all of it and was able to help them load up. I was able to do most of the moving in and unpacking myself and driving around to buy things to furnish my new home.

It hasn't all happened straight away, but for me, to be able to say that I am symptom free, 11 months after starting Mickel therapy, after being unwell for five years is incredible. I started a part time job in September, something I had previously thought might never happen. I don't anticipate ever working full time, unless I find my dream job, and I don't yet know what that is. But the balance I have currently works for me. I am a very creative person, so four hours standing behind a desk is as long as I can cope with in one block. My boss gives me a break half way through that which really helps too. I do that three times a week and the rest of the time I am 'keeping house' and making jewellery, which is my passion at the moment and creative outlet. I no longer have to spend hours resting every day to be able to do an activity. I pretty much just keep going. When I do occasionally experience symptoms I know what to do now, having learned how to use the keys, and symptoms usually subside straight away.

I am so very thankful to have life back to this amount of fullness and wellness. I can't believe all that has happened in the last year. I am a believer that God does exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or imagine, and that He has used Mickel therapy to do that for me. I am now busy planning for my wedding in June!"


"I was born and brought up on a croft in the Highlands and taught in a small rural school. I went on to University and teacher training College in Aberdeen and straight into a full time teaching job, becoming a head of department by the age of 27.

Looking back I have worked hard all my life, in school, during the summer holidays and throughout my teaching career, but I partied hard as well, and socialising was a huge part of my young adulthood.

I had a good upbringing with two loving parents and I am very happily married to a kind and considerate man. I've always had good health, being fit enough to have completed the Highland Cross a couple of times.

I say all this because my life has been very "normal", and there are no events that I would consider to be in any way unusual or traumatic.

Being a teacher it's quite common to catch various colds and bugs throughout the year in school but in October 2007 I got one cold after another, to the extent that by February 2008 I became so run down that I could hardly get out of bed.

I was constantly back and forth to the doctor, with a variety of prescriptions, resulting in antibiotic after antibiotic, but I just couldn't shake the illness off.
I went through nights of having broken sleep, my body aching, my head trying to work out what was wrong to the opposite of sleeping all the time. The more I slept the more my body hurt, it was like my head was stuck to the pillow but my body had run a marathon. There appeared to be some sort of breakdown in communication and my body was not responding to my head.
I was struggling at work. In the end I had to ask a colleague to drive as I didn't feel confident enough to get behind the wheel. I would sit behind my desk holding my head up off the table. My stress levels were rising as I simply couldn't do my job.
Finally on yet another visit to the doctor she suggested it was Chronic Fatigue, this in time would be called ME.
I was familiar with ME as I have a cousin who had to give up university because of it.
The Doctor was very supportive, signed me off for two weeks prior to the Easter Holidays and suggested that in time I would get over it, and to get out and get some exercise.

Easier said than done. I vividly remember forcing myself outside to do some gardening and was exhausted after ten minutes.

Having suffered from suspected Irritable Bowel Symptoms 6 years previously and finding that I responded well to Acupuncture I made a swift return to see my Acupuncturist determined to try get myself right.

It was her suggestion to see Claire Caldwell, as Mickel Therapy was seen to have good results with my medical diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue.
When Claire explained the principles of Mickel Therapy and the theory of two minds, body first and head second it made complete sense. My body was trying to tell me something, and my head was not listening. This was exactly how I was feeling, but I had assumed it was my head that was in charge. This was a completely knew concept to anything I had heard before.

Interestingly we were able to work back to an event in 2002 that triggered my Irritable Bowel Symptoms, which is often the start of the sequence of physical " events" leading up to Chronic Fatigue. Consciously, or mentally I wasn't aware of the significance of an issue that had resurfaced but my body was holding onto a memory from childhood and in simple terms it wasn't happy. Six years further down the line I hadn't consciously dealt with the situation and Chronic Fatigue had taken hold.

Basically I was one of these people who would not deal with difficult issues head on. I was always nice, always obliging, and would avoid any confrontation for an easy life, even though I was boiling inside (in fact it was not unusual for me to hide in the toilet and cry). This was a learnt tactic from childhood. My upbringing was fairly strict and I would always keep my head down and quiet whether at home or in school as a pupil. By doing this I assumed anything unpleasant would go away. Being a teacher probably didn't help my situation as you become very good at keeping your emotions under wraps and never letting your guard down.

Whilst I thought this was the best way of dealing with issues my body obviously didn't. I ignored the tell tale signs of feeling uneasy, upset stomachs, and nausea. These were symptoms I'd also had since childhood, and I assumed that they were normal.
Claire taught me that for my bodie's sake I had to take steps to stand up for myself.

Thankfully my recovery was pretty quick and I only needed four sessions. This was primarily due to Claire's explanation of the theory and my ability to understand it. I was desperate to get back to normal. I would feel sick at having to deal with any unpleasant issues, which arise frequently in my line of work. Initially I made a few awkward attempts at being forthright which resulted in me apologising for trampling on other people's feelings. Four years on I am pretty much symptom free. I occasionally get a twinge that generally starts in my left shoulder blade. It reminds me to slow down, and reflect on what is causing any negative emotion within me. I have kept my journal of recovery and I continue to use the process of writing down what is "bothering" me.
I am much more relaxed, and able to tackle life in a more considered and confident manner. I continue to be obliging and caring as this is in my nature. However I now don't let anyone take advantage of me or at least if they do I politely make sure that they know it. This is an acknowledgement to my body to let it know that I am now listening.

I would whole heartedly recommend Mickel Therapy to anybody who has any type of Chronic Illness."


My experience of Mickel Therapy

"At the beginning of August 2011 I suffered my second major attack of Chronic Fatigue (M.E.).

After 2 years of major stress starting with the death of my sister, and culminating with my husband commencing a new phase in his career by working abroad, I suffered major symptoms where my body basically gave up!  My whole right side would not work correctly and I had problems walking and writing- I looked as if I had had a stroke.  I visited my doctor and the hospital but was given no real explanation apart from anxiety and perhaps MS which is what I had been diagnosed with during my earlier attack. That attack was resolved with the help of an applied kiniseologist. (SP?)  who disbelieved the diagnosis. (I also disagreed since it simply did not make sense and I felt that it was a build up of major stress that I had been experiencing over the years.) I decided on my own to tackle my life in a different way and avoid the stress that I had felt had caused my problems. This worked well until the recent build up.

Both of my Chronic problems started with eye problems akin to migraine but with no headache and when examined there was no explanation. Because of my earlier experience, I visited my doctor early to get help. As stated before, there was no reason physically for my symptoms.  My eyes seemed to get better by lunch time mostly but I avoided driving for a while. But they also worsened when in shops like Tesco!

Over the last couple of years I had also suffered joint pain which I put done to over exercising and age!!! I had problems running and was told that I was not extending my right leg. In July I also suffered from lower back pain- I blamed my bed – change of pillows etc.

There are many other things that occurred over the last year which I put down to “other things” not realising that what I was suffering were actually symptoms of chronic fatigue.

In desperation I tried to find help from the Inverness Complimentary Therapy Centre where I was given the information about Clare and Mickel Therapy. I did a bit of research and decided that this was for me.

I first visited Clare in September? and commenced with the therapy. I think it was easier for me to “take on Board” the ideology because it confirmed what I had felt all along- that my body was telling me something.  I am not going to go through the therapy, or the ideas as these are well documented by the therapists.

From then on I made major progress, leading to today. I am heading back to work with MY KEYS. and am almost totally symptom free- but if I suffer any, I deal with them so as to relieve them.  I am a teacher and have changed some of the factors which attributed to my problems, such as the age group I will be teaching but also I have made changes to my life- I have been honest about the problems I had or may have and will now ask for support where it is needed.  I have built up a support group of friends and family who understand (not always easy to find ). They have been through this journey with me, and have witnessed my improvements- haven’t laughed when I tell them how I am dealing with things but instead been amazed at the speed with which I have become physically improved.

I am back at the gym taking part in classes in Zumba etc. Again I found one of the trainers at the gym who understood and recommended programs to follow.  She even understood that I would enjoy the dance type activities more and set me targets that were achievable. Because of my lack of mobility my body needed to recover as well.

During the last few months I have also visited an osteopath with Clare’s agreement. He has worked with me using the Alexander Technique. I feel that both therapies have worked well together.

I thank Clare very much for her help in building my future. I had wondered if I was going to have to GIVE UP!  She has helped me realise why my body has behaved in the way it has.  I feel that I am ready to move on. She has helped me confirm what I thought was wrong and put it in words that make sense. A BIG thank you.

I hope many others receive the help they need through Mickel herapy.  I have passed the information on – the proof of success is evident to all who know me."

S Smith

"When I was younger and even late teens, I always had this feeling or desire to not let this fast paced life get on top of me. I saw people rushing to work on buses and trains, driving their cars in a panic state like they were constantly late for something. It seemed like they could never fully relax and enjoy life. Sadly I was sucked in and eventually stopped listening to myself and maybe most importantly my body.

I’m going to tell this exactly as it happened. Nothing fancy, just my life in my words, from the start of my Chronic Fatigue until now, cured.

I am 28 years old. I have been married to my wonderful wife for nearly 5 years. I have 2 beautiful children aged 3 and 1. I met my wife when I was 23, almost to the exact month that I started to get my first symptoms of Chronic Fatigue. The timing could not have been worse really, thank goodness there are people like her out there.

So there I was, fit and healthy, in love, but I was becoming less energetic everyday. I was getting enough sleep, but woke up still tired. I felt like I had been up all night playing football or running a marathon. I constantly yawned, I had a sore swollen throat and my legs joints were swollen and sore.
A visit to the Doctor resulted in 2 weeks off work with what looked like Glandular Fever. I rested, but felt not better, not even slightly. Sadly my boss, like many, took pleasure in bully tactics and I was forced to come back after 2 weeks or I would lose my job.

A death in my family a few months later didn’t help matters, and rather than properly mourning my own loss I was more concerned of those around me, making sure they were ok. Around the same time I was driving a lot as my soon to be wife lived 4 hours away by car, so that was taking its toll as I was already lacking in energy.

Looking back, small unfortunate incidents in my life along with increasing fatigue was worse than I realised. My nature was to get on with it.
I seemed to bottle a lot of my frustrations, my hurt, and my feelings up. I hoped that by being a nice person, life would eventually take me on. It didn’t, things got worse and worse, another 3 weeks off work, bed ridden for a few weeks and feeling extremely frustrated. Life really was a cement trampoline.
This went on for years, in and out of work, stressed, bullied and trying to keep my all my energy for socialising with my friends and preparing a wedding and planning my future with my wife. My fatigue got so bad I quit my job and started my own business so that I could schedule my hours better. 

So Doctors appointments over the years with no outcomes or answers. Every blood test was fine. Scans and x-rays on joints etc, all fine. What was going on??

Somehow I managed to keep smiling and keep my life moving forward and as normal as possible, it was an inner determination.

The final straw happened towards the end of 2011. I had another terrible week of no energy, sore joints and in bed. It was so bad my wife had to visit her parents as I needed time to recover and it is hard to do with 2 young children. I went to a new doctor and she took more blood tests and referred me to the local hospital to have more scans and see an arthritis specialist. I walked out of there with so much anger in my stomach as I knew there and then that there was nothing a Doctor could EVER do to help me. I knew then I had to take matters into my own hands. On the way home I phoned my friend who had M.E for many years. I remember a while ago she had mentioned a treatment that had made her better. As soon as I got home I contacted Mickel Therapy. A few weeks later I was face to face with my advisor who would tell me information that would steer my life back to the way I remember it. The things I heard and found out made so much sense to me. It’s like I had been searching for this information for years. I knew in my heart I wasn’t seriously ill, I had the feeling it was something else, something I may have been doing (or not doing). Here I am now... March 2012 symptom free.

I no longer bottle things up. I control my life better. I express my emotions properly, whether good or bad. Mickel has reminded me that I am the only one who can help myself when it comes to health and happiness. I am true to myself without neglecting those that i love around me.

Words are not enough in this case to explain the power of Mickel Therapy. You would have to observe me running around the park with my kids to fully appreciate the transformation. I have not had one bad day of fatigue since I had my first session. "

"A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it."
Albert Einstein 

Steven H

"I had been pretty much house bound for 6 and a half years when I started Mickel Therapy. I could go out for a short ride in the car on some days or to a garden centre for 20 minutes occasionally but was generally at home, mainly resting and feeling poorly alot! I started Mickel Therapy on the 5th December 2012. I was dreading being wiped out for Christmas after spending 2 hours on the phone! 20 minutes of conversation with someone was my absolute limit on a very good day! But that was all to change thanks to Clare and Mickel therapy! 10 days after starting Mickel Therapy it was my birthday and I was able to go out with friends for a coffee to celebrate! I can go to church, meet up with friends... I am doing a craft course and am looking forward to getting back to some kind of work! Thank you Clare and thank you Dr Mickel I thank God for you both!"

M Foster

Reflexology Testimonials

"I have enjoyed reflexology with Clare, albeit intermittently, for the last 5 years.   The comfortable surroundings make me feel at ease and Clare's friendly and knowledgeable approach is very reassuring.  Clare is very professional, friendly, easy to talk to and willing to answer any questions I may have.  She makes me feel comfortable and very much at ease.   I have found reflexology to be a very calming, relaxing and an uplifting experience which, in turn, increases my morale.  I have certainly experienced good results from the treatments I have received and I always look forward to my next session. "


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