Indian head massage

Indian Head Massage is the massage of the head, neck, shoulders and upper back either with or without the use of aromatherapy oils and results in a reduction in tension and relief of stress.

What is Indian head massage?

indian head massage invernessIndian Head Massage is not just a head massage but a way to improve health and wellbeing, relieve stress and reduce tension and pain particularly in the head, neck, shoulders and upper back. This effective technique has been practiced in Ayurvedic Medicine in India for over 1,000 years and is performed on young children as well as adults of all ages.

What happens during a session?

You will have your face, scalp and head, neck, shoulders and upper arms and upper back massaged using both massage and gentle pressure point techniques. The massage is performed with or without oils depending on your preference and whilst sitting fully clothed on a chair. Aromatherapy oils may be used on the head and scalp to provide further health benefits.

Some of the known benefits;

  • General reduction in tension and stress
  • A deep sense of relaxation and feeling of wellbeing
  • Reduction in tension and relaxation of the muscles of the upper back, neck and head
  • Improved skin texture and health
  • Stimulation of hair growth and improved texture of hair Improved circulation aiding skin and cell repair
  • Improved lymphatic drainage improving waste removal and detoxification particularly of the head and upper body region
  • Relief from headaches and migraine
  • Relief from anxiety
  • Improved sleep and relief of insomnia
  • Alleviation of eyestrain Improved concentration and memory
  • Raised energy levels

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