Aromatherapy Massage

People who have aromatherapy massage regularly describe the experience as deeply relaxing and report that they benefit from a reduction in stress and tension.

What is Aromatherapy Massage?

aromatherapy invernessAromatherapy Massage combines the benefits of a deeply relaxing massage with the known medical and therapeutic properties of essential oils.

Massage using oils can be dated back to Ancient Egypt and Rome. They have long been known for their benefits to the mind and body promoting a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing and having the ability to help with musculoskeletal problems and other everyday ailments.

When you come for an aromatherapy massage you will have a consultation to work out the best essential oils to use for you and your health. The massage is different to the techniques used in other forms of massage as it focuses on gentle movements designed to relax your body and mind. People who have aromatherapy massage regularly describe the experience as deeply relaxing and report that they benefit from a reduction in stress and tension. Oils and massage can be used to improve mood and help in dealing with emotions. The properties of oils can also be used to help with some illnesses and ailments.

Potential benefits

Some of the known benefits of essential oils are listed below;

  • Stimulation of the immune system strengthening resistance to disease and helping to combat infections. Most oils contain good antiviral and antibacterial properties. An example is lemon oil which is known to increase white blood cell production.
  • Essential oils and massage are particularly useful in helping to reduce stress levels and are helpful for stress related disorders. They are also known to help to combat insomnia. Oils known to promote sleep include Lavender, Chamomile and Neroli.
  • The use of oils is especially helpful for women who are suffering from PMS or the symptoms sometimes associated with the menopause. Geranium essential oil is known to balance hormones and emotions.
  • Oils such as peppermint used externally aid digestion and oils can be used to ease constipation and abdominal spasm. NB do not take essential oils internally.
  • The respiratory system can be helped using oils as can ailments such as coughs, tonsillitis, and sinusitis. Warming oils such as Ginger are recommended in Chinese medicine for bronchitis together with conventional treatment.
  • Many oils are known to provide very good pain relief and have anti inflammatory properties. There is a very helpful combination of essential oils which is more effective when used with massage to relieve muscle spasm tension and pain.
  • The use of oils improves circulation and lymphatic drainage helping to remove toxins from the body tissues thus having a detoxification effect. The use of oils and massage can also have the effect of reducing cellulite.
  • Cupping therapy is also thought to improve the appearance of cellulite. Aromatherapy oils have been shown to have a beneficial effect on blood pressure. Tension headaches can be alleviated by a combination of gentle massage and the use of oils.
  • Oils and massage can help us to cope with difficult life events and oils can be used to help us to deal with our emotions. An example is the use of Frankincense which is particularly helpful in coping with grief.
  • Many essential oils are also superb skin care agents and in conjunction with massage improve skin texture helping to soften and moisturise. Oils and massage help to balance sebum or oil and also tone the skin and complexion.
  • Athlete's foot, cold sores, ringworm and scabies and fungal nail infections are all helped by aromatherapy oils such as Tea Tree.
  • Oils can be also be used in hair formulas to improve the circulation of the scalp, help to prevent dandruff and promote healthy hair growth.
  • Oils can be used to stimulate our memory and concentration or to relax us ready for sleep.

During a treatment you will be asked some health information and details to ensure the treatment is tailored to your specific needs before your massage. A treatment session normally lasts 55 minutes but the first will be longer due to the need to ascertain your health requirements.

Swedish Massage Technique

This form of massage uses a number of different techniques to help muscle and connective tissue pain and to provide deep relaxation of the muscles. It is also known to be helpful with musculoskeletal problems.

It can help to raise awareness of your posture and release tense muscles or muscles in spasm, although this may take more than one treatment.

Manipulations used in Swedish massage include gentle and deep tissue massage techniques.

Aromatherapy oils can be added to aid muscle relaxation and for health and wellbeing.

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